Linea Comercial is a site devoted and engaged with the evolution of the Electronic Commerce in All America.

One of the main problems that suffers the Electronic Commerce in All America, is the lack of credibility and juridical security, which greatly impairs the Users and especially to Small and Medium Business (commercial, industrial or of services) that they cannot optimize this important tool as they do it in the Countries of Europe.

Concerned by this situation, in the year 2001, we began our studies and analysis of the problem - From these analytical studies, we observe that the problem was much broader and complicated than it seemed. Not only needed a development of the software of Electronic Commerce to present to the Business; but that besides had to  contain to the User and integrate the manufacturer, the transport, to the banks, etc. And we ourselves with our organization to administer, addressing and implement Technology to the whole structure, completing all the cycle of the transactions on-line of way reliably and safely, respecting the rules Commercial Loyalty.

From all these problems that presented Internet, In the year 2005 we allied strategically with the Brazilian Site to perform in conjunction developments and started working with our Technical Teams with the clear intention to solve the existing problems; arriving at interesting conclusions seem to be very beneficial to Businesses and Consumers in the realization of secure negotiations and reliable for All America.

Of this manner in conjunction with were active collaborators and necessary in the creation of the Red Comercial del Sur – REDCOSUR and also the Rede Comercial do Sul – REDCOSUL, that make up the "The first Network the Electronic Commerce National and International for the Small and Medium Enterprises of All America". This Commercial Network was founded with the aim to promote the Electronic Commerce, facilitating the purchases and the sales by Internet, in the following modalities:

  • B2C - Business to Consumer.
  • B2B - Business to Business.
  • B2E - Business to Employee.
  • B2G - Business to Government.
  • B2B2C - Business to Business to Consumer.
  • B2N2C - Business to Network to Consumer.

Guaranteeing security, confidence and comfort for Users and Business. Organizing, controlling and mediating In the transactions that are realize by Internet, in the Business Adhered to this Commercial Community International.

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Linea Modas - Negocio de Muestra

This is a SAMPLE BUSINESS so they can see how it works and its general characteristics. You can try it without fear that the sale will not be completed.

  • 054 0342 4810106
  • Córdoba 1590 - 3000 - Santa Fe - Capital City - Santa Fe - Argentina

Alpari International

  • 9864232483
  • 5th Floor, 355 NEX Tower, Rue du Savoir, Cybercity, Ebene 72201, Mauritius - 72201 - Aveiro - Portugal

Thidemar Serviços de Construção Civil Ltda

A Thidemar é uma empresa que atua na área de Construção Civil e Arquitetura Civil em Geral e Específica; Construção de Edifícios; Obras de Urbanização - Ruas, praças e calçadas; Montagem de estruturas metálicas; Trabalhos de montagem industrial; Construção de instalações esportivas e recreativas; Elaboração de site e limpeza de terrenos; Terraplanagem; Instalações elétricas e manutenção; Instalações hidráulicas, sanitárias e de gás; Instalação e manutenção de sistemas centrais de ar condicionado, ventilação e refrigeração; Impermeabilização em geral; Instalação de portas, janelas, tetos, divisórias e armários embutidos de qualquer tipo de material; Trabalhos de acabamento em gesso e gesso; Serviços de pintura de edifícios em geral; Aplicação de revestimentos e resinas em interiores e exteriores; Obras de fundição; Instalação e desmontagem de andaimes e outras estruturas temporárias; Trabalhos de alvenaria; Pintura em geral; Projeção de Concreto e Argamassa

  • 551137827655
  • Rua Frei Clemente de Adorno 126 Jardim João XXIII - 05569-090 - Cotia - São Paulo - Brazil

Calendarios do Brasil

Planeje férias e atividades com os calendários mais completos da internet. Calendários com feriados e datas comemorativas nacionais, estaduais e municipais. Tudo num só site.

  • 11992259634
  • Rua Vieira Portuense 600, AP 51 - 04347080 - São Paulo - Brazil

  • 2140036045
  • rua do ouvidor, 121 - 20040031 - Rio do Janeiro - Brazil

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